Power Station Beach Party
Lamma Island
Hong Kong SAR
Saturday 9th June 2001
10pm till sometime Sunday!

Many Thanks to Dave@huge-images for the Pics!

Is it on? Is it off? What about the weather? The weather was ferocious in the days preceding this party with 160mm of rain falling in the 24 hours previous with over 100 cases of flooding and land slides reported throughout Hong Kong. Undaunted The Lamma Life Force moved in cleaned up the beach then setup a canopy and sound system! A HUGE shout out to the hard working crew!

As last ferry approached Lamma the heavens opened and it chucked it down. Then, as quickly as it started it stopped and that was the last we saw of the rain all night ... at one time we could even see stars in a clear night sky! Then on Sunday morning the rain resumed as the only window of good weather in days closed and over 200mm of rain fell over Hong Kong. Talk about divine intervention! Many thanks to the 120 or so who disregarded the inclement weather and made the hike out. Dedication - Respect!

Dj line up included:
M-Ai (DieselBoy Party)
Kevin "Loves" Green (CE Top)
Anil Ahuja (Indulge)
Tom Daw (Indulge)
Mick & Nick (BEATSUITE) and others!

Does anyone know who the idiot who went swimming out into the open ocean at 6:00am and didn't return till gone 7:00 was? Please thank him for freaking everyone out! Doesn't he listen to the Govt. info ads? Don't go swimming at dawn, after heavy rain and never alone!

If you have any scanned pics of the night please email 'em to info@dj-simon.com



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